22 things I plan to do at 22



I turned 22 on Sunday, so I came up with some goals to accomplish before 23 rears its ugly head…


  1. Learn Spanish – Last year while studying in Japan I decided that I wasn’t content just speaking English and Japanese, and decided that Spanish would be a good language to start off with.
  2. Learn how to roll my r’s – Because currently I sound like a dying cat while trying to do so.
  3. Lose weight – It’s a goal that’s been on my list for an embarrassingly long amount of time without any action being taken. Last month my mum and I joined the Impromy weight loss program and so far I’ve lost 4.6kgs.
  4. Get fit – Anyone who knows me will tell you that exercise has always been the bane of my existence. I’ve been avoiding it for long enough – I’ll be joining the gym that my dad goes to and aim to accompany him three times a week.
  5. Get a job and work so hard I’m an indispensable team member
  6. Start regularly contributing to a savings fund (once I get a job) – I have a long list of places I want to travel to, activities I want to try, and of course the more grown up responsibilities like eventually moving out of my parent’s home and paying off my student loans.
  7. Minimise my possessions to items that I need or bring me joy – I’ve been researching the concept of minimalism a lot over the past couple of months, and while I can’t commit to being a proper minimalist I can at least try to downsize my clutter and prioritise quality over quantity.
  8. Complete my Diploma in Languages (Japanese specialisation) – this is 100% a cheat one I’ve thrown in as I’ve already completed all the requirements for this one 😉
  9. Complete the International Relations component of my double degree – which will just leave journalism.
  10. Participate in the UNITE leadership program – I’ve already been accepted, I just need to complete all the requirements throughout the year…
  11. Be a great email mentor for my university
  12. Write blog posts regularly (every 1-2 weeks)… unlike now. That could prove to be difficult.
  13. Keep my work area (*cough* bedroom) tidy and organised – this could also prove challenging
  14. Actively make an effort to see my friends more and support them
  15. Spend more time with my dog – he’s my friend too! Plus both of us could benefit from a few extra walks each week.
  16. Try very hard to drink water instead of Coke Zero and beat my addiction
  17. Learn to cook some healthy, great tasting food (without a recipe!)
  18. Undertake a first aid course and potentially learn how to save a life
  19. Stay up to date with global and local news – particularly focusing on international relations
  20. Find work experience related to international relations or journalism to complete over the 2016-17 summer holidays
  21. Learn to draw on winged eyeliner without ending up looking like a panda
  22. STOP PROCRASTINATING – find a good balance of work, university and social life (which does not involve spending hours daily on social media or youtube!)

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